Of old doors again.

Having not much to do and feeling un-creative under a 40 degC city, one can get some fun out of shooting textures and things. I liked this one. It is old and neatly textured. Not something extraordinary, but yet another fun spend frame. (Nikon FA, Nikkor 28mm 2.8 AI, Expired 1976 Kodak Plus X, D-76)

Having fun by the sea…

I don’t like wide angles much. It seems that I always get unwanted things in my frame with them giving me perhaps a lot more space I can live with than normal and short tele lenses. This time I think I have put the Nikkor 28mm 2.8 AI-S in good use. I got just enough […]

A fragment of the old city.

Amazing how evolution has brought improvements to our lives, and how many from the delicacy of the past it has taken away. Everything around us tends to be solid and almost featureless as we plumb more and more into the deeps of the digital age. Fortunately there are a few left behind reminiscent of how […]