In the back alleys of a city…

Yet another interesting find at the back of an alley near to where I live. Not sure what is being expressed with this, nevertheless quite intriguing. Re-thinking this it is funny that although I pass by it every single day on my way to work, I have just now taken notice of it. I guess […]

Of lights in shadows… Somewhere in the city.

Two is company, three is a crowd. But even more than three may look interesting from time to time. Found around a dark corner in my city, had me impressed with how many light signs could fit in such a small place. (Nikon F100, Nikkor 50mm 1.8D, Kodak Tri-X EI 1600, D-76)

Of nicely textured rubbish

Rough textures of a rotten shoe surrounded by the dead leaves of the trees around it. To pronounce event more the impression of the roughness of the textures I have used Kodak Tri-X pushed to EI 1600 and developed it in home brew D-76. The developer was already four weeks old and turned the negative […]

At an Ominous Corner of the City…

Cities are always full of surprises. Try to make your way through the noise, focus on what happens all around you and you’ll see stories unfolding every single second everywhere around you. (Nikon F100, Ilford FP4, Expired, home brew D-76)

Wrong choices…

It has been a long boring weekend with a Sunday taking an entire age to go by. I have tried going out taking photos, watching a movie, staying indoors reading some book, yet nothing really worked. Then I had decided to go out for a walk to the woods. The result was a long boring walk within heat […]