Kodak Retina II, or small is beautiful!

I love Kodak Retina cameras. They are compact, well made and seat nicely in you palm giving you a feel of special bonding with the camera. About a week ago, I bought this little Retina II. It is in superb condition and it has that ultra rare uncoated Rodenstock Heligon 5cm f2 lens. Looking down the water clear lens is mesmerizing and I just cannot wait to finish that roll of Kodak Portra 160 with it, mostly to see if these Rodenstock lenses really give a Planar feel.

Here are a few examples of what that little gem can do. For sure it puts in shame a great many of high spec modern cameras:


One thought on “Kodak Retina II, or small is beautiful!

  1. A month later and a roll of long expired portray 160NC has proven the reputation of the majestic Rodenstock Heligon lens. Insanely sharp photos, wonderful colour rendition and that distinct planar look. It should be of no surprise to me as the heligon is an improved planar design.

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