Of Childish Wishes Coming True.

Although a grown up, I am still dreaming and wishing like a kid. I recall the day that film photography turned me on with an old and rusty Fed-3 camera I have been given by a dearest friend and the inevitable envy developed for his Leica M4-2. Ever since then I have been eyeing for a Leica and this year Santa came early for me although I have not been a good boy by any means.

So here is my all new, really unused, Leica M4-P! A lovely camera with a sleek chrome black look and a wonderful Elmar 5cm 2.8 attached to it.

It has not been just that, another Santa came by and dropped a 100 meter roll of my all time favourite film in my mailbox, Kodak Panatomic-X. I cannot get any happier than that! Although expired in 1988, it works just like if it has been out of the factory yesterday

Kodak Panatomic-X is not just a slow ASA 32 film. It boasts a hell of resolution, no grain at all and it has the magic ability to retain a wide tonal range even under harsh light. Purely awesome!

A square crop of a door figure that reminds me of Riddick. What looks like grain here is actually noise from my low spec scanner.


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