Back to black and white.

Feeling comfy again with black and white film, old film cameras and smelly black and white film development chemicals, puts my pace and thoughts back in track. It has been a quite enjoyable weekend with my little Rollei 35B in my pocket and a roll of Tri-X expired in 2008 in it. Since I have […]

Fine textures on old things.

Sometimes minute details such those of corrosion on old things draws my attention. The rear of the mirror of that old car had captured my eyesight. It has taken a few frames more to get the one that shows the fracture alike texture atop of it best and this is what I could make from […]

When things go wrong on film…

After a long time I have decided to have another go with a roll of that Chinese Shanghai GP3 B&W film. Sadly it proves that even the last rolls of that make aren’t worth spending your money on. There are marks on the film from the backing paper everywhere. Pity because the brilliant gray tones […]

Of super heroes…

… I’d rather Super Goofy than Batman… Just fooling around with my Lubitel 2. This is a wide open shot and proves that Lubitel does it pretty well when clean and properly adjusted. Of course that does not mean that it would ever replace my Rolleiflex T. They can get along though pretty well. The […]