Adventures with unknown films #1, Macophot UP64c

Lazy time by the harbor.

Lazy time by the harbor. I am amazed by the tonality that this film provides. There is also crisp detail everywhere.

Little or no information can be found on Macophot films. One could say why should one bother with such films, but I cannot say no whenever I am offered with freebies.

After spending an entire Sunday on cleaning up the lens of my Zeiss Ikonta 521/A, I decided to try a roll of medium format Macophot UP64c rated at box speed even if long expired (1991) and develop it in D-23. D-76 came first in my mind, but hydroquinone could heavily fog the expired film.

The film came out perfect, proving that restoring the lens of my Ikonta was worth all the time and effort spent, but it gave me a hard time scanning it as it curls so hard that I could not keep it flat in my scanner’s film holder.

Strange things on film

Strange things on film: I have been surprised with this frame. It looks like a composite image of two different images recorded in two different films. The sky looks grainy while the rest of the image lacks grain.

City People

City People: I am not sure if the softness of this image is due to the wide open Anastigmat f/4, or the D-23 developer. Next time I will try this film in FX-1 to get as much sharpness from it possible.

Seeing the invisible...

Seeing the invisible… I have cropped this down to square from the 645 frame. By noon and the lens down to f/8 there is an immense amount of sharpness and detail everywhere. Perhaps it is not D-23 after all.


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