Sprockets in my frame…

Sprockets in my frame #1

Sprockets in my frame #1


It has been long since I had started repairing a Zorki-4 of mine. Zorki-4s are not expensive cameras to buy and one was bought for a mere nothing with a stuck shutter. But this one hat details on it that made me want badly to bring it back in working shape. A beautiful inscribed instead of silk screened Zorki-4 logo on the front, inscribed shutter speeds at the top, a vulcanite covered body and a nice serial 60000001.

After a month’s weekends spent on taking it apart, finding replacement parts, bringing it back together and adjusting focus and curtain tension, it looks and works better than ever. There is a minor issue though, the film travels in a rather tilted way and the image registers over the sprocket holes. It doesn’t matter though as this one will be an easy fix.

(Zorki-4, Jupiter-12, Ilford Pan-F Plus @ EI 80, FX-1 home brew developer)


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