… And a hint of color.

  I love analog photography and especially black and white. Silly it may sounds, but I love the imperfection of film in any way, from its grainy character, to the faults of my not so great skills with it. But, also I cannot say no to color and digital photography. It keeps me amused in […]

Wrong choices…

It has been a long boring weekend with a Sunday taking an entire age to go by. I have tried going out taking photos, watching a movie, staying indoors reading some book, yet nothing really worked. Then I had decided to go out for a walk to the woods. The result was a long boring walk within heat […]

Buildings with a distinct look

Wandering around the city and sometimes looking up, one can see a great many of interesting things such as the top of the National Theater. I liked the perfect lined shape of it, raised my camera and took a photo of it. The pigeon to the right has been an accidental bonus.  (Nikon FE, Ilford […]