Minor details by the sea.

Walking by the sea has always been rewarding. You get relaxed, you a large portion of what burdens you to flow away and you always something worthy shooting pops up. (Canon F-1, FD 50mm 1.4 S.S.C., Ilford PanF+ 50, Unknown expiry date, Rodinal 1+50)

A City Dragon…

Interesting findings at a local flea market. I always love walking around in the local flea markets. Sometimes you just kill your time with it and sometimes you discover little wonderful gems (o.k. this cannot be defined quite small, but…) (Nikon F100, Kodak PlusX, ASA 125, Rodinal, 1+25)

Flares of the City

There are times that boredom in the city along with a few imperfections can give a somewhat artistic twist in a shot. Take an empty and dirty street, put the sun against it, squint for the bright light and that’s it! A recipe for something just a bit different. (Zorki-4, Jupiter-12, Rodinal 1+50, Rentis, Greece)