Long walks in a blazing hot city

Magnificent Creations in a Dull City

Magnificent Creations in a Dull City

When the summer comes in, the city gets uncomfortably hot. Too much noise, heat and bright light all combined turning walks into a bit of a pain. However, due to many avoiding the harsh mid day hours, it becomes easier for me to wander around, focus on subjects and take easier photos without much noise in them. Many speak of the golden hours for photography, but I think otherwise. Anytime is good enough to go out and take photos, as long as you let your imagination run through and pre-visualize what could come out of it nicely.

I have loaded some long expired film on my Canon Canonet QL19, dropped it in my back pack and off I go!
It has been a really nice experience. The little Canonet had escaped twice being sold on ebay. I had never used it so far and I have been thinking of trimming me off from anything that I do not use. She certainly looks good and using it for first time in the three years I own it has been of a real surprise to me. It handles nicely, produces great results, and it makes everybody looking puzzled at it. A teenager had asked me how she could see the photo I had taken and had been quite puzzled in disappointment when I had told her that it is a film camera. A couple of blocks away, while aiming somewhere at the sky, two elderly had been staring my way trying to grasp what I had been looking at.

You never know what will show up around the corner

You never know what will show up around the next corner


At a local flea market. This is where I get most of my old film cameras.

At a local flea market. This is where I get most of my old film cameras.


... It's a door thing.

… It’s a door thing. Not sure why, old classic doors have always amazed me.

Going through...

Going through… A few seconds out of the heat.

They came to take everything...

They came to take everything…

That huge roll of Ilford P4 Surveillance film is finally running out. Unfortunately it is a film that does not age well. Being expired in 2008 and held in a refrigerator, I have been expecting it to show sensitivity somewhere close to ASA 400. This has not been the case. Even shooting it at E.I. 200 it seems that making it thicker is almost impossible. Trying it at E.I. lower than 200 had produced negatives with somewhat increased base fog, pronounced grain, and still the negatives where too thin, as if they have been through some stand development. I have been also convinced that Rodinal is not the way to go for that film. Never the less I have lots of fun with it, and due to being cheap, I had no guilt wasting a roll or two for nothing, it had been the perfect media to use in learning DIY black and white photography. I had two 100ft rolls of it, bought for 15€. I can see some selling it on ebay for 60€ or even more, but it is certainly not worth it.

Many thanks to that chilly frappe coffee that kept my mind within its temperature limits.

(Canon Canonet QL19, Ilford P4 Surveilance expired in 2008, Rodinal 1+50)


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