A great weekend, but dreadful results

A big miss on this, but has turned out nicely.

A big miss on this, but has turned out nicely.

This time I have decided to use that roll of Kodak Panatomic X that I have found the other days in a trashed old refrigerator. Basically I had it picked up just for its Ilford FP4 canister with the nice bluish cap, but whatever film gets in my hands, I cannot resist shooting it.

I have picked up an old Sokol-2 camera that I hadn’t tried yet with film, dropped the Pan X in it and off for a long walk at the lesser neighborhoods of Athens.

The results of a badly stored long expired film where dreadful. Considerable loss of definition and hair marks all over it has ruined an otherwise nice try with that film. Pity because the old Sokol-2 had performed really well. A surprisingly excellent lens delivering a distinct bokeh, with tons of sharpness and great contrast. For sure it would had delivered an outstanding result with some otherwise descent film.

Awesome drawing on a door

Awesome drawing on a door

Κάπου στις Αθηναϊκές γειτονιές

Κάπου στις Αθηναϊκές γειτονιές

It has been for sure a bad choice of time. Noon time, with the sun blazing over my head and the temperature reaching uncomfortably high is not recommended for fooling around in the streets of a city. But, it pays out well. Not too many people outside means not many distractions making it easier to focus on what you do and pick a few moments without the crowd noise in them.

I haven’t regretted at all fooling around with it. I didn’t take it as a failure, but rather as a lesson with somewhat (subjectively) pleasant effects. This was my first and hopefully last ASA 32 film I have ever used. Such a slow film is a pain to use even at noon time as in a few shadow areas I had to go even by 1/30s at f/2.8 which is not fast enough for my clumsy hands.

(Sokol-2, Kodak Panatomic X, Unknown expiration date, Rodinal 1+50, 11.5 mins, ASA 32, golden 16 metering)


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