Long walks in a blazing hot city

When the summer comes in, the city gets uncomfortably hot. Too much noise, heat and bright light all combined turning walks into a bit of a pain. However, due to many avoiding the harsh mid day hours, it becomes easier for me to wander around, focus on subjects and take easier photos without much noise in them. […]

Another wrecked point of view…

There are times that people get obsessed with something. They get stuck to certain situations, trying to grasp the most out of it, trying to find that think that might turn that emotion of eventual satisfaction on and then let it go. This is how I felt with that silly wrecked boat. I took many […]

A great weekend, but dreadful results

This time I have decided to use that roll of Kodak Panatomic X that I have found the other days in a trashed old refrigerator. Basically I had it picked up just for its Ilford FP4 canister with the nice bluish cap, but whatever film gets in my hands, I cannot resist shooting it. I […]