When it all goes wrecked!

When it all goes wrecked.

It has been a great extra long weekend spent mostly by the sea. On summers, I cannot stay in the city. The heat and the harsh light calls for time spending by the sea. That does not mean that it is no time to take photos as well. I always have with me my Nikon FE, a lightweight fully featured SLR, and the Nikkor 35mm 2.8 AI, a lens wide enough but not too much to deliver an overkill of distortion to my photos.

And there was a glorious moment, a wrecked boat in a lake-like gulf waiting for me to make an imprint of its grace on my film. I compose, calculate the exposure carefully, wind on the film, and… Click!

Fright came about on the next shot where trying to advance the film to the next frame, I had realized that this had been the last of this roll. Developing my film has turned my fear into reality. Not only had it been the last frame of a hand rolled film, but also a flimsy loaded one, leaving a precious moment out of bounds!

(Nikon FE, Nikkor 35mm 2.8 AI, Kodak Plus-X 125 @ ASA65)


2 thoughts on “When it all goes wrecked!

  1. I wonder why it always happens to the best frame of your roll. While hand rolling my films I have not managed yet to make a roll that gives you exactly 36 frames. It could be 34, 34 and a half (like in this one), but never 36. 🙂

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