Wandering in a dull city.

Rush hour

Rush hour

There are moments that one although there is an urge to grab that camera and rush out to take photos, they lack those elements that one could identify as inspiration. You get out, look at others and feel either like everybody is looking at you, or you just try too hard to discover that special moment that will register a tad of a grace on your film. The days just pass and you find yourself drifting further away from what you like doing most, photography.
It could be the city and its frantic pace, or just a need to shift your stare somewhere else for a while and re-visit photography once you feel the real need for it.

It took almost a month of struggling with a Tri-X loaded on me Nikon FE. Felt like being all out of ideas, or being unable to pay attention to that detail that could make the difference in a shot. Here are the best frames from that roll.

Geometry lessons... (a shadow play)

Geometry lessons… (a shadow play)

I was on my way to work and while in the subway station I had noticed that sharply casted shade atop of my head. I took out my camera raised it and… Lots of elderly people had gathered around looking up to see what I had been looking at. Just smiled at them, but I bet they thought there is something wrong with me. Looking at it, geometry lessons from my years at school came in my mind. A couple of days later, a kid told me that it resembles a spider’s web. Once again I have missed the obvious!

Hey, kitty!

Hey, kitty!

Not having an eye for that stunner shot, I took one of the cat that greets me every morning.

An inside outing...

An inside outing…

A rare morning moment with not many people in the subway. Not that I am getting any antisocial, but for sure I appreciate it quite a bit when I am given some space to breathe.

At the train station

At the train station

People come and go at the terminal train station of Piraeus. One could stand here for hours staring others and take all kinds of shots one could think of. But I have to go, office cannot wait any longer. A careless shot as I was already late.

Detail at the edge of the city

Detail at the edge of the city


Looking down over a small bridge

Looking down over a small bridge

Going back home I had decided to waste some time with an espresso on hand down the old port of Piraeus. It has nothing special, but staring at the sea after the intense office hours always pays well. Actually I had to go by a school and pick up my sister’s son, but there was an hour or so to kill.

Longing for the summer...

Longing for the summer…

Little fella! A dime for your thoughts… I bet you cannot wait for the summer holidays to fire up…

A frozen stare

A frozen stare

A couple of years ago she had a better view. Now her stare is stuck on the ugly multi-store building on the other side… And home is just around the corner.

Kodak Tri-X 400, @ASA 400, developed with Rodinal 1+50 for 12 minutes at 20oC. Overagitated and hence the bitter contrast.


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